Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am the Music

I am the Music

So it had to be a disaster today from the get-go. Slept through my alarm for 15 min for the first time since ???? Snowed last night, snow on ground/road/paths. Why? It is April give it a rest. 2 hr run. Solo, the other crazy who would normally run with me, TTT partner in crime, had the good sense to move her centroid a couple 1000 km to the south of me. "Misery loves company" This was going to suck.

The musics worked. My ipod(s) have an unnerving ability to within their parameter space sense my moods. They just do. So right away the gloom started to fade as Courage boomed (Quickly, follow the unknown with something more familiar). And it keeps getting better. Been sick for days know, just sick enough to not stop but feel like crap. Getting some legs back. Down the paths, quiet, white, snow coming through, -8 with the wind chill. Get to just before Curnoe tunnel and realize there is a long path on the other side of the tracks and not 2 steps that way mypod chooses Blue Sky and the boys are just rippin' da-da-dang da dang dang dong da dung and the path goes right along the river shoreline made from receeding waters where you can look straight 6 ft into the fast moving river and I just get fixcated on the guitars and eddies breaking up doing their thing cascading the rivers energy from a mighty flow 50 m wide to each little water molecule on the surface, what service huh getting all that energy delivered from 50 m to 5 nm right in front of you and then turning home and leaving this new path (yes: there is further to go on this path which I will go down again, even if a train goes by up the big bank right next to it) and hitting the pavement into Scarlet Begonias and the sky was yellow and the sun was blue and onto a live Wheel I've never spent less time running 2 hrs.

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