Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 10

Camp Sheri - Day 10

This morning's long run marked the end of Camp. Colm and I greeted the dawn and it was grove-y. Then bittersweet as one by one the Campers headed home ("Gee Mom I want to go, back to Ontario"). A slow day, with the sun and heat making getting into the pool for an afternoon swim a major effort, but the clock was punched and the deed done. When I got to the pool it was crowded with kids, and I managed to get a foot or two by the wall to swim laps. About 1/2 through my swim Louise joined me and it was strange, every time I would return to the wall about 1/2 way down the 3 little girls playing at the end of the pool would streak past me, but never be in my way when I turned. This was because Louise had the kids organized and she would go "Here comes Bob" and they would sprint across the shallow end! Then she would leave as I was turing and race me, and at the end the little boy who was with them said "Bob winned"!

Back to the Situation Room in the late afternoon I was greeted with the end of one of my favorite escapes on the tube:

ND: I like your sleeves. They're real big.
Deb: Thank you. I made them myself.

Yup, and I watched and I'll tell you everytime I watch the end of Napleon Dynamite I get seriously choked to tears in the part were everyone's dreams come true at the end, a twisted Zion fairy tale. We saw a lot of magic this week and we are a much more confident, prepared bunch than we were 10 days ago. Everyone contributed something and everyone got something back. And I hope everyone's dreams for this season come true.

A safe journey back to all your travelers who left today. And from all of us to the Coaches thanks again for making it all happen.

Vote for Pedro,

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