Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 6

Camp Sheri - Day 6

Morning Maniac Music/Wordsworth/Feel the Burn/DOM and DOMer is BS/I stole the scoop

You have seen the heavy groups
now you will see morning maniac music, believe me.
It's a new dawn!

Good morning people! Venus in conjunction with Moon, deep blue sky, CK, Bill and I leave for the Orange Grove. On the bright reddish orange roads that remind me of Mars the Sun slowly creeps up as we ease around the 16 km loop. Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else right then.

Back with a short time (always a short time between everything at Camp!) to make it to an extra special yoga class, where Louise took us through a beautiful and relaxing visualization using Wordsworth's I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. The Wordsworth on the right is from a children's book about a mouse in Hawaii who writes poetry. Sounds good to me. This was followed by the usual (hard)core work and some yoga.

Some food and work (yup) then to the pool for a relaxing long swim, did 4700 and think I am getting some of the stroke lessons into the "unconscious". To the unswimmer reading this swimming is very technical and most people's brain can only handle 1 or 2 corrections at a time. You have to beat them into you until they become natural. I got an excellent burn (as in sun, not "feel da pump man") during this session, and next time I swim in the middle of the day I will wear sunscreen!

We had our Camp bonding games, and to avoid killing each other we didn't divide up boys and girls but by random draw which worked well as the 2 teams were well matched. Dave captained the crowd favorite DOM and DOMers ("dirty old men") and the black hats were worn by that scurvy dogs of the BrainStormers (BS for short). As usual in today's society BS won over in the end. Thanks Janice, that was fun.

Day ended with a mid-camp weight in (I'm heading south in that, moin moin!). My final faux pas of the evening was at the BBQ, where I got confused and took a scoop of ice cream right off Janice's plate. Whoop-sie! She was a good sport about it and in another hour or so my voice range will be down another octave to normal.

Well it's late and this off day was one of Camp's busiest! Tomorrow's brick wo awaits.



  1. I'm glad you're getting to swim outside. Clearly you are going to beat up Ironman canada!!!!

  2. ... or be beat up by the time I get to IMC, by the training or the people around me :-)