Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 4

Camp Sheri - Day 4

Trying to Stay on the Crazy Train/No loafing/Running Amuck/Swimming in Rain (Just swimming in the rain)/Run the Voodoo down

I was 21±1 years old sitting I think in Radio City Music Hall or some similar venue in NYC to witness "cool". I had though to have achieved some measure of this, but I got schooled good. The backup band went out and starting playing. Hard. They looked a bit nervous but set down some real bad lines. Then he came out. In a cape. With a walking stick. Feathered hat. He walked out to centre stage and folded the stick and immediately someone came out and took the stick and cape and hat. He just smiled at us and turned to the poor bastards behind him half his age just giving 'er. He walked over to the drummer and kept gesturing that he go harder. After several minutes of this he walked to centre stage and snapped his fingers. Out came the instrument on a big plush purple pillow. He took it, glared at the audience and turned his back to us waved his hand and the band instantly stopped. He blew one note and damn near blew me away. Played it and stopped for a pregnant pause and just let it echo round the entire theatre before blowing another. Miles Davis was the real sh*t.

Riding back from the bakery today was a similar experience. Beautiful ride over the frontside of Sugarloaf, and just as we crested it rain, rain, rain, even a bit of hail but still warm so like riding through Brittany in Stage 4 of the Tour wow. As we hit the last hills from the NTC into the Trailer Park they struck. First Louise, then Dave. If you don't know these people I hope you get the opportunity, they are 2 of the best Masters athletes in the world. Neither are kids any more, Louise is the World Champion at both the 70.3 and Ironman distances in W65-69 and Dave just won the 70-74 AG at Ironman Arizona. They hit it and wow, it was just like that note Miles played, cool, hard and long. By the time we rolled into the last road into the Park it was sick. They were attacking each other and this 52 year old kid behind them was in the throws of death trying to hold wheel. At about 500 m out I did the most sleazy thing you can do after sitting in that long, I tried to attack and surprised Louise but Dave popped open his can of whup ass and beat me like a drum. Wow, nice to know they're still time to get better.

Great ride and before that 1:30 of running in the morning out to Chez Fraser which opened up the legs nicely for the Loaf,
shown here with people that look kinda like us struggling up. It's not a bad climb but like Alpe D'Huez it is real steep in the beginning and if you don't dance on the pedals until it moderates half way you can't coax a rhythm out of yours legs and it is couple minutes of body payback after. We all went up in fine form and Sibo's magic on my drivetrain made it fun, fun, fun. Quick back into town as described above, got to the pool for 1500m and over to Yoga.

Tonight we had a stretching seminar, which more civil than the previous night where we talked poop. I don't mean this rappa/gangsta/badass we wuz talking sh*t no Gentle Reader (boy I always had such a crush on Miss Manners) when we trigeeks talk race nutrition for distance racing it always comes down to will it make me poop, did you poop when you used it, can I get through 12 hours without pooping, did the poops ruin your race. If you live the dirty tri life you are now laughing cause you know we talk that stuff more than bikes and if not forget it.

Other than that the great excitement included:
  • CK having 2 coffees at the Bakery and walking around with pie plates for eyes and dancing up Sugarloaf like it was flat. Also singing in a lilting Irish tenor in the driving rain a Johnny Cash song "something? Green", I must download it.
  • car cutting our merry band off right as a cop was driving by who I managed to signal and he chased her down and hopefully had a book with him to throw at her
  • giant thunderclap just as one of the gals was about to take a nature break behind the Church. Ha ha!
  • watching a live filming of an episode of Graham and Sheri, a new sitcom on Fox about a brother and sister who want to rule the world
  • getting ridiculed by a bunch of adults in tight pants, helmets and shoe that click/click like my Mommies use to because of the height of my socks (I guess because it would be more likely I would poop on them)?

The truth is in the details, first
And the writing on the wall
And the closer I get to feeling strong
The less can go wrong

Hayden (and if you're not Canadian reading this go download some. But not the skating song, that is intense.)


  1. Your description of Dave and Louise goin' at it on the road was so good! I want to be Louise when I grow up. She is my hero.

    This is Ann.