Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Camp Sheri: Day

Camp Sheri: Day -2

Your boy is sitting in Value Village (well Vacation Village, but let me tell you any differences real or imagined between this place and Sunnyvale Trailer Park is small, DUCK BOTTLE KIDS!) in Clermont, FLA with t minus 2 days to go to the start of Camp Sheri, or as I affectionately call it Death Camp for Cuties (ha, ha Chey). Friday starts 10 days of hills, hills, hills with a few swims in the alligator-filled lake. So far I am the only camper here, but tomorrow others will arriving.

Flew down here yesterday, that's a story on its own, hold on to that for another. Short version is if you are a Canada-USA smuggler consider Westjet from London to Orlando for your business needs. Anyway yesterday here was a diaster of rain, wind, hail and scattered reports of fire and brimstone, which I missed. Not so today, where one could spend some serious time trying to find a cloud in the blue sky. Bit windy and by the crappy weather standards of London of late unbelievably warm. What I did not wear on my ride today: 2 pairs of overbooties, winter tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, a jacket, liner gloves, gloves and hat. Applied sunscreen!

Colm and I did a hill tour of the Sugarloaf/Buckhill area, 'bout 2.50 when he headed back and I got my 3.5 in (but he ran this morning) thought we climbed Sugarloaf the girlie way which is fitting since my legs are fur-free for the first time since Fall. So add that above didn't even wear leg hair today. Nor skull hair. See! We are working on Colm to go for it tomorrow, Dave has offered to shear him. Voice any strong comments you have on it below. I say go for it. BTW if you are old school Joisey hockey you can see to the left off the centre where Gary the Animal Zellwegger nailed me with a slapshot back in '70 or so. I remember this clearly because my save percentage from birth until 18yr was about 10% and that counted as a save. Any hoot we did all the normal hills but there was 1 big change that I have not adapted to yet.

We have changed churches! This is serious. Last year we were baptists and would fill our bottles with "holy" water from the fountain at the Baptist church. But Colm has just like that changed churches to one that has 2 fountains that are newer, have higher pressure and cold water. Not sure what denomination this new place is but it smacks of being a Unitarian church.

Phone rings, its Colm, oh boy Coach (hence Master) Sheri has decreed a 7am swim tomorrow at the NTC in their OUTDOOR pool. Best to get there at 6 so the sun comes up and Venus hangs bright so you see it as you feet flip over your head in the turns, but it will do until the alligators chase us in Lake Louisa.



  1. You better get that head tanned - otherwise you look like a victim of a death camp! I vote no on Colm shaving his head.

    Sounds like it is going great! 1 degree here this morning as I ran in the dark at 5:30. Wish I were swimming outside watching the sun rise!

    Say "hi" to the gang for me. Have a fun day!


  2. No wind here today. I might even get my bike out!! pat