Thursday, April 16, 2009

Camp Sheri Day minus 1

Camp Sheri Day minus 1

Morning Dew

Headed out to the pool at 0-dawnish this morn for a spirited swim in the old chlorine bath. The Master had managed to co-op a big pile of Clermont freebie calendars that had a coupon for a free week at the NTC so here I am half asleep and trying to remember I live on some street in a town called Howie in the Hills. or is it Howie-in-the-hills. Or Howey? I'm screwed, I'm a terrible liar. I confess, charge me double the rate, I'm so sorry. Decide I will register as Art Vandelay but back off and use my real name. The pool was actually too warm, maybe from me swimming too much in the near frozen UWO Rec Centre pool. Readers attempting to post comments implying insulation is the reason (the Beluga effect) will be censored. 3800 US meters.

Returning to Value Village (aka Vacation Village henceforth VV or "the (trailer) Park") had to extinguish several brush fires in my day job, grabbed not enough food and wailed out on the bike with Sibo and Colm (who still has his hair, but maybe not tomorrow, let's get some more votes on this people). Got to the back gates of VV when the sh*#t went down quick.

Eagle 1, Osprey 0

(his Sibo-ness and I look up and see an Eagle steal a fish out of the tallons of an Osprey on Lake Louisa)
Hey Kornheiser, your boy the Osprey got OWNED by the Eagle. He is going to starve. In NJ these birds are so stupid they have to build platforms for them on the telephone poles so they can figure out where to nest. What they going to this season?

Wilbon, what is it with you and the Eagles. You used to be a Cubs and Bears man, now you pulling for Philly? That wasn't a fish it was a piece of wood, not a CheeseSteak you BroadStreetBully.

Sibo hates triatheletes and only comes down here to remind us that roadies are very good at one thing but don't handle diversity well. And we all pay, but soon he will be back at the O-cup races and he will know more pain than Colm and I got today though we were alternately whipped/spanked/owned/ruled/dominated/dropped/popped/andGenerallyOnTheRivet until we wobbled home 3.5 hrs later. Recovery ride, HA HA.

Well it sounded like a good idea...

Well I thought what a perfect time to do a brick so I can teach my legs that it can only get worse not better. Well friends the first 2 km leading to the first hill was not pretty, but somehow things got better thanks to the friendly Floridians. There are no sidewalks in the area I was running, and 2 cars took serious runs at me to get me off the road. Fat chance. I won 2 stare downs (like with insurance costing what it does they're going take me out) and that got the legs going. Plus Cinnamon Girl up the big hill. Wearing my Thumps and got my Dog look on Ann (like this people):

Pity the Man

The situation room at VV is in the Hedley Lemarr Suite (HLS), just south of the North end alligator pit. Today a new guest arrived, first-time camper Bill, who I fear does not know what he is in for in terms of "roommate". Like when the smoke alarm went off this morning in the dark before swimming. Hey, I can't be responsible for every waffle cooking in FLA. However, I can't say enough good things about a man who will watch Blazing Saddles blissfully unaware that the pain train leaves tomorrow and I unfortunately have a first class ticket.


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  1. NO MORE SHAVED HEADS. Not unless all of you who do so start wearing saffron robes.