Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 5

Camp Sheri - Day 5

3-2-1-go/Flee to Fleet/Tortoise and the Pace Line/Alli-gummie/Heaven on Earth and Hammer Time/Coach Barbi Challenge/I'm not hip

Venus and the Moon all lite up with Earthshine and Jupiter in a nice line in the clear sky walking down to meet for a NTC Swim with Coach Len. Awesome having someone on deck so positive and pumped. Made us all forget about the hard work. Had a fine swim and descended my intervals properly. Ann Onymous: stoke count 18 even at hammer time!

Quick break for some kcals and on the bike out to the Van Fleet trail, which normally wouldn't be a bad ride but the wind has been strong the whole time down here. 'Bout an hour and change out and then a long flat rail trail with Wood Tortoises everywhere. Master Sheri had us do a pace line which was new (o
r at least not common) for some of the riders and it was going great until one big fellow (these guys are about 25 cm (10") across) was on the path as we can along. Now wouldn't you have figured he would have "turtled" when we came by? Not so, this guy sprinted and they can move pretty darn fast. Angie banged my back wheel hard and I thought she was a goner but she rode it out and everyone was safe. Whew.

Farther down we saw a gator the water off a little bridge and to be unnamed Londoner insisted that we could throw a gummie at it and he would eat it, poor gator, tourist season must drive him nuts. Then Louise, Claire and I pushed it a bit up the trail. Ann Onymous: Claire can be another role model, another talented Masters rider. We returned to the beginning of the trail and broke into 2 groups. I heeded CK's wisdom to go with the fast group. The man has vision.

If there is a heaven and hell I'll pick heaven. Why not? And in heaven it will always be sunny and I'll ride my bike every day into the wind with 6 beautiful woman doing all the work up front. Just like today, and except for the few odd times I slowed the line down in front it was ...

What I mean Pat is I misjudged and was in the wrong group and well I had to be polite and who would have carried Angie's extra bottle and Colm has a viscous sense of right and wrong and is a Camp Counselor so I had to listen to him.

With Louise in the mix I knew after the last hill the roll in to the Park would be fast and she didn't disappoint. As penance from yesterday I vowed to try to set up a fast finish for her and over the little rise at about 2 km out I hammered to the front and tried my best. Soon the young girls roared by with the Master on 3rd wheel with a big grin and that look that says race season has begun and have have 2 girls who can ride hard. Hopefully they start a Team Sheri road team!

Coach Barbi put a challenge out to swim at least a "k a day" in the VV pool to practice our stroke corrections. Great to see so many campers out, and I got in 1500 m and a final tip I need on my right arm entry has well. Then an hour of Louise's yoga and pilates to end the day. And I need some kind of serious mat next time. The gals must have their hip bones in deeper than I, because we get on our sides and it is like getting a hip pointer over and over. Plus since tomorrow is Earth Day there is (really?) a pilates tradition that you do "100's" which is like this: 100s how-to. Except we have to keep or legs straight a few inches off the group, not bent.

We are also up to 90s for low plank, but just found out Dave has done over 7 min! Don't think that is going happen for me.

OK, off day tomorrow, Camp games (they promise they have something to embarrass each one of us and I believe them). Since it is an off day Colm, Bill and I are going to sneak off to the Orange grove for a 630am loop, there is a 90 min morning yoga session and of course a swim. Got just under 33 hours of training in my first seven days here, a healthy week.

Counting stars by candlelight, all are dim but one is bright;
The spiral light of Venus, rising first and shining best,
On, from the northwest corner, of a brand new crescent moon,
While crickets and cicadas sing, a rare and different tune,
Terrapin station.


  1. I'm glad heaven includes bicycles. I like the way their spokes look.

  2. 18 stroke count - very nice! I am a 19er most of the time and always at hammer time.

    Yes, Len's positive vibe is awesome at 6:00 in the dark and cold. That and Louise's yoga classes were worth the price of admission!

    this is Ann.