Sunday, April 26, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 9

Camp Sheri - Day 9

Reader Mail

Gentle Readers thanks so much for you feedback.


"That thought crossed my mind too"

I have pondered these thoughts deeply during the quiet times of our 4 hours in the hills yesterday and thank those anonymous readers who took time from their days to question my sanity. With each trip up Sugarloaf I got more lost in the question. I appreciate you concern. Scanning around the Situation Room last night after a LONG day I can assure you all is good. Good probably as it could be considering the explaining I may have to do depending on how I ease out of town Tuesday. Bill is gone and will probably be able to get across the border before the coming storm arrives. I am concerned there could be issue over improvements we have made to the suite. It was too hard for the doorman to check id's and getting in/out was an issue that NECESSITATED the removal of the front wall and the other perhiperal damage should have been expected. It doesn't rain and is beautiful here: future guest will appreciate how you can now see the stars from my bedroom overhead at night. And the wet bar space was insufficient for any serious activity, and when people are coming from Orlando just trying to get their name on the guest list we can't be second rate here, can we?

And what about coming back? I have applied at the Leesburg Morning Despatch for a job as a jai alai / shuffleboard/ badmiton reporter and fully expect to get the job. My phone interview went perfectly and they where impresed of my knowledge of cues/pucks and the proper weight to cross the deck and lie square in the triangle for 10. I will be well known in town, wear all white and talk about my days at Columbia University all the while enjoying the treatment of a Colonel. Madness, I think not. Deck life is not like the gray world of toil and perspective you have learned in Southern Ontario. Here it is Man, Gator, and Cue. On Fridays I will bowl in Clermont, Sundays run along Lake Minneola and fan myself in the July heat. There is a BJ's almost finished and soon bourbon will be $5 a bottle and Cliff Bars are 99 cents. My bike, Russian decals covered over with American flag stickers, will fit nicely in the back of my BMW. Weather is here, wish you were beautiful.

Other News

Friday saw 10 vultures snacking on a freshly-killed armadillo. Yesterday a big snake was moving across the road. Today I saw a rabbit. And an Egret and a cow. Who said we are ruining the planet, there are plenty of things left for the zoos!

Last yoga :-(. Goodbye bbq last night. Final weigh-in. Can't wait to compare numbers AFTER THE MULTIPLICATION. We'll see who is visceral and who isn't. Change. Yuk. Today and tomorrow will be the last few orbits before setting up for re-entry. Yeah, good, little wir fahr'n fahr'n fahr'n auf der autobahn coming from the sound system we had installed by Best Buy last week. Will have to leave a note about that as well. This German retro-techno is moving the wells back and forth like a boxer engine winding out. I think I will go be social and see the last few stragglers, it will be pretty dead here with almost everyone gone. And I will have tonight's post on schedule as professionals, even in Leesburg, Florida, USA do not f*&k with deadlines.

fahr'n fahrn' fahrn' auf der autobahn,
Heir Docktor Bob


  1. Liebe Herr Doktor Bob,

    Wir erwahrten ihre zuruckkommen Dienstag. Ich hoffe dass sie besserer werden sein.

    Hier ist Ann (mit ihre schlectes Deutsch.)

  2. I believe you are betting on my returning Tuesday and my delusions of adequacy will pass? But remember:

    Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker

    LHBDR Bob

  3. If you have to patch any drywall, shouldn't you start now?

  4. Let it go Pat, that's for you and Cass!