Thursday, April 23, 2009

Camp Sheri - Day 7

Camp Sheri - Day 7

But your new shoes are worn at the heels and
Your suntan does rapidly peel and
Your wise men dont know how it feels to be thick as a brick.

Really don't mind if you sit this one out, I don't blame you. The Camp Sheri "hurry, hurry, hard" day has come and gone. We rode out to Lake Louisa for a brick workout.

[A brick workout is said to be named after Matthew Brick, a world champion duathlete in the late 80's from New Zealand. His training method stressed sessions of intense rides followed immediately by intense runs mimicking the demands of racing]

The Master gave us a talk about transition tricks, always useful, and off we went for 1 short brick, followed by a longer one that had a tour of the park, and a final short one where we were give the technical instructions to go "balls to the wall". Master does not sweat the 20 level Borg exertion level scale. It was real hot, in the low 30s (90F for you Yanks) and we rode and ran like stink. It is so cool to see the improvement in many of the athletes from last year and even from the beginning of camp, glad none of them are in my age group.

After the hard work was done I forced myself into the old wetsuit and did an hour swim. The rest of the crowd was riding or doing open water drills. For some reason the first swim in a wetsuit always seems fast and easy. And I decided dolphin. We were talking the other day about what animal you would be and I think I would be a dolphin and enjoy relatively the same intelligence and the ability to swim fast.

Then one of the Camp high points from last year, Louise leads us in yoga on the beach under the big trees, just so serene and peaceful. We geared up and rode back and as a group we committed the ultimate faux pas: we cause a car to have to slow up to go to a red light. What nerve we had. The driver had a hissy at us but after you ride enough years you learn to become a mirror and reflect their negativity back at them rather than engage them. And not to even mention that they were not a real blonde. Canadian road diplomacy.

We came back to the Park and at night the poor souls had to listen to me yak about cycling aerodynamics. Hopefully people we take some points away that will help their racing. Yawn, late, gtg as tomorrow morning at 630 is hammer time at the pool!



  1. Stop flirting with the drivers down there, sugar!!

  2. And I thought they were called "bricks" because that's what your legs felt like when you started the run! You learn something new every day.

    this is Ann.

  3. There is debate on that point, I like the Brick one because he was quite an innovator (also aerodynamically, wore a visor/aero helmet even way back when).