Sunday, May 24, 2009

DIY TTT: Stage 4

DIY TTT: Stage 4

Race Director's Report

It's been a long day, and a Race Director's job is never done. Stage 4 got underway at the beautiful UWO Aquatic Centre. I was so happy to see the entire field still intact! This feat was largely due to the gala Triple T dinner provided by Chief Antonio last night, who is always my first choice to cater such affairs. I get tired of saying he outdid himself every time, but he did again, serving Pat and I plus the entire race field a delicious grilled Trout, with a delicious rhubarb Tart with vanilla-Tyme ice cream (get it TTT!). Magnifico!!!

Anyway today at 1015 prompt the Race Harmonica blew and the field was off. Again AO set the standard with another gem of a perfectly paced swim, sailing through 1900 m in 30.50. The morning was grey but no rain as she left T1 in first place for the 3 lap loop of the country north of London. By the time I was able to catch AO in the gold race chase vehicle she was already on her 3rd lap and riding strong. She powered into T2 with a 3.18 bike split (including phone calls), as the sky clear and the Sun came out.

A quick T2 and AO was off on the 13.1 mile run in the hills of north London. Yours truly decided to test his wonky knee and rode the lead athlete bike for the run. AO ran a steady first lap, after getting her running legs after her hardest bike ride of the season (and after 2x40 km rides yesterday). Coming into the halfway point at Chez Sica she had a quick stop for fluid then off for the 2nd lap. Unfortunately I had a brain cramp, and I went the wrong way on the lead bike. Whoops! Fortunately I found her before she had completely withered up and dehydrated from the heat, and she picked it up again trying to break 2 hrs. She worked really hard up the final hills and came into to the cheering crowd in just over 2 hours, still in first place. AO's course record performance was:

Stage 4 Results
1. Ann Onymous, London, ON, 30.50/6.41/3.18.08/2.57/2.03.50 6 hrs 2 min

Overall Results (Final)
1. Ann Onymous, London, ON 11 hr 58 min 35 sec

Here is a picture of AO on the podium receiving her award and prize. The custom made winner's medallion is gold(ish) chain holding 3 nuts, one for each discipline, with the middle (bike) one extra long. The nuts, well this was a nuts weekend! And yes, AO won a working cell phone (it rings) courtesy of the Dollar Store in London. After the medal ceremony the racer enjoyed a post-race feed catered by the local Dairy Queen.

Look for next year, where we will hopefully be doing this craziness in Ohio! And congrats to Ontario's Rich Pady who was first overall solo competitor in the other TTT.

the RD
ps: click below to see some photos of this epic weekend!


  1. Truly a race like no other! The DIY TTT was a blast and Bob, you are an RD without parallel. I thought the race harmonica was an especially great touch and I will always treasure my DIY TTT medal.

    Thanks for a very fun weekend! And to Pat too for turning your house/yard into transition and finish area!

    This is Ann (AO).

  2. I think Ann Onymous should be re-nicknamed Ann Imal.

  3. AO: my hat is off to you for showing the initiative and wa (Japanese: "fighting spirit") to git 'er done this weekend. Can't wait to cheer you on for your DIY Ultraman next week.

  4. The DIY Triple T may be my favorite race! As a spectator, having the transition and the finish at my house was a long-time dream come true. And without question, Tony's feast was the best race banquet EVER. In future, if I'm faced with standard race banquet fare, I will return in my mind to Tony's saffron and fresh corn mashed potatoes . . . and those gloriously crunch fresh green beans . . mmmm...