Monday, May 4, 2009

Battle of the Blizzaks

Battle of the Blizzaks

One of the delights of the afore-discussed Camp Sheri was the daily "mocking of the van". Each day I would delight in needling Dave about his van, which looked more out of place in FLA then my initially lilly white skin. Dave you see, had driven down from northern Ontario with his Blizzaks1 on. No kiddin', winter rims and all. No doubt by now he has accomplished his goal of getting his money's worth out of them, as those suckers must be smoother than a baby's bottom by all that driving in +30 deg weather.

Mrs. S. was handling the tire switchover on our van back home, and I had full confidence on my return the summer tires would be on and I wouldn't be lugging 8 tires/wheels around, especially with the boy home for a few days from b-ROCK before starting his summer job. Wrong and wrong, and that was one of the day's highlights for me. Count it as upper body work. And now Dave, you can let me have it. We also got the exhaust systems fixed and you can actually hear the stereo which is nice.

I took a good bit of time today to figure out how the next month is going to work. Forest City Half Marathon, Victoria's Duathlon, Triple T, Milton Tri, ACE Science Team Meeting, 10th International Mesosphere-Stratosphere-Troposphere Radar Meeting, American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, I will be stretched a bit thin methinks. Least I'll stretch some extra in all the meetings.

Hey, one other thing. As reported yesterday I did a 30 min JRA before I ran long. Son of a gun, I am less sore than I can ever remember for a long while from a run like that. Coach Sheri said this is because you get a deeper warmup before you start running, which you can't do even starting running at a low intensity. Plan to do this before the 1/2 Sunday for sure.

  1. Winter tires with special cold weather rubber treads.

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