Friday, May 22, 2009

DIY TTT: Stage 1 Race Director's Report

DIY TTT: Stage 1 Race Director's Report

Stage 1 of the DIY TTT race was held this afternoon under warm, partially sunny skies. The athlete (UPAO) attended my race briefing on deck at the new and beautiful UWO Aquatic Centre. After receiving the race instructions I raised the Canadian flag and the athlete and I sang an abbreviated (but moving) rendition of Oh Canada. The athelete then took to the water for warm up until I raised my right arm signifying start anyware within 15 s. Tension was high and my racer was relieved to hear the chord from the race harmonica (couldn't find a whistle and they wouldn't allow me to discharge my 2" barrel Bulldog 44 magnum in the pool) and off she went. AO as expected flew on the swim with the following splits/stroke count over 50 m:


Would post a picturebut you are not allowed to take one without written permission of the Aquatics coordinator!

Yours truly won the race down to T1 and had the contestant's bike in the racks and a orange cone on the mount/dismount line. AO screamed through a 4 min, 3 sec transition, almost as fast as her swim! The racer then left on her bike for the grueling 5 mile test. AO kept her lead and was first in on the bike in 18.36 (couple long stop lights, I couldn't afford to have the roads closed), although AO was inches away from receiving a 4 min penalty in T2 for a dismount line violation.

After a screaming fast 45 s transition AO led the charge out of T2 for the hilly 1 mile "loop", which isn't a loop and I had to hobble about 1/2 mile to get to the finish. AO hammered through the elastic cord finish line (which accidently snapped back on her, whoops I was futzing with the camera!) in 7.30 for a 34 min 30 s first place finish.

Stage 1 Results
1. AO, London ON, 34.30 (received 1 min time bonus)

Overall Results
1. AO, London ON, 33.30

We all look forward to tomorrow's racing which includes the morning Stage 2 3/40/10 duathlon with a team bike ride (AO and TF) followed by the Stage 3 Olympic race in the afternoon.

Race Director, DIY TTT


  1. Should be a nail-biter tomorrow. Can't wait to read all about it!

  2. you guys are hilarious! Great job Ann!