Sunday, June 7, 2009



I went to see the doctor, cause I had a pain or two
He said don't be a sissy boy, there is nothing wrong with you
This world is full of heartache, just be brave and see it through
Just get back to work you little jerk, I've had enough of you
He looked alot like Tiger Williams
He was brave and strong and true
But if you tried to cross him
He would put a hurt on you

The Hanson Brothers, He looked a lot like Tiger Williams

Ahh, Romo needed some more recommends for Canadian music extraordinaire, and he being about The Game and it being almost time for the Big Fella to come out of his box and go for a few laps around the rink before heading for a summer in Cottage Country, what other song could cross my mine 'cept maybe The Hockey Song. And The Hanson Brothers covered that as well, a bit differently I might add than Stompin' Tom.

Gentle readers I'm typing this to tell you that after 2 weeks of trying to "be brave and see it through" I'm shutdown. Going to try 2 weeks rest and see if I can lick this pes anserine bursitis thing and get back on track for training for IMC. So if you have great workout post a comment and let me live vicariously through your workouts, rather than my typical, "living vicariously through myself." Or to put a positive spin on it, if you have a sucky day out there it is better than mine!

The only positive in all this is Cass did his first tri last Sunday at Milton. He had a good bike and an excellent run and appears to love the sport. Milton was a sprint; he's excited about doing an international in Guelph in 2 weeks (except for the swim :-).

Look for more tomorrow, as Sibo is jetting in to look into some bike fit issues (my injury is actually due to cycling, not running, so a re-re-fitting seems prudent).



  1. So sorry to hear the final shutdown has come to pass. This will, in the LR, be the right thing though to get this cleared up.

    Still lots of time. Don't fret. We are thinking of you.

    This is Ann.

  2. The only silver lining in this cloud is that you discovered what this was in time to rest it for your big race of the summer!