Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Own Private Idaho

Our Own Private Idaho

Like Garth (re: Wayne's World) I fear change, but sometimes change is good and it was today. We've had our Merry Band of Morning Swimmers doing our best to isolate a lane at the crowded CGAC pool. The band got smaller when Ryan & D left for Capitol City, but the 4 of us have had many a good time (UPAO: I mean GOOD time, not good TIME, though a few of these also). At 0615 EDT today we broke routine and swam at the new UWO Rec Centre pool, and it was great. There were maybe 5 of us at opening, rather than 5 to a lane and we had a challenging WO (i.e. one from Ann Aerobic, one of the 2 morning Ann(s)). First of many I hope, we were jazzed enough to say why not Wednesdays as well. Now if they just get some decent clocks.

Back from the pool then runrun, get a few pickups in prep for the 1/2 marathon Sunday. Work was a bummer today. This economy crash hit Ontario universities hard and the trickle down has trickled down to job cuts, including an immediate one in our Dept that was like losing family. People bummed out, some crying.

The buzz up North is the violation of the sanctity of the locker room by those Crosby homers at the CBC. Shown here, they actually broadcast the Coach's pre-game plan off the board: I haven't seen that since Mad magazine as a kid when they had the reported go into the huddle and the other team watching the TV to know the play.

My boys at PTI said this was because Canadians were pro-Crosby and hence pro-Pens. Not so, I like Ovechkin he's a lot more fun to watch than Crosby and after not watching much hockey for a long time I'm enjoying the series (3-2 Pens after 2 now). Looks like it going 7!

Interesting how triathlon has no locker room, occasionally a change tent and I understand at Ironman Germany only one shared tent. Is that why JS is doing it? I just realize I heard that this morning in the middle of a kick set. I'm glad his retirement was so short from IM (hear that UPAO!). Kinda like the Favre thing now. I'm betting Favre becomes a Vi-Queen just to get the Pack back. And speaking of JS and Tone what was that skimpy garment JS was returning to Tone on deck today? To Ann and I it sure looked like a skimpy green thong. I thought they weren't swimming much in Clermont?

Running back today I was just groovin' on Cream Puff War from the 1st Grateful Dead album.1 They were so young and energetic, just playing manically fast and free. Weren't we but sometimes aren't we? Lightning, thunder starting outside, think I soak up some organic electromagnetic fields.



Wait a minute, watch what you're doing with your time
All the endless ruins of the past must stay behind, yeah

  1. certified "good ol' Grateful Dead"


  1. Maybe they'll throw the cameras out of the locker room...

  2. At least for the men's events.

  3. I heard the UWO experience was great. I am signing up when I get home - I'll be the tagalong spouse for very reasonable price I hear. I have NO idea what the green thong is all about - ha!

    This is Ann.

  4. I just call 'em the way I see 'em. My distance vision is still like a hawk, even with my tinted Swedes on.