Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pity Party

Pity Party

Grab a spoon people. The SOBs dumped me. After all these years, just like that, poof. Gone, right in the middle of Victoria's Duathlon Monday. A group of 3 tendons in my right knee with latin-o names decided they had enough and just left me all dressed up and no-way to race. And our split is serious for now, forcing me and AO to have to scratch from Triple T, which was supposed to start for us tomorrow afternoon. Sigh, tendons are all alike. Pamper them, stretch them, ice them but they get a notion into them and poof, where are they? Where are they? How really needs them? Who am I kidding, I do, boo hoo.


Fortunately my daughter was there for me today, and we attacked the situation by hitting the Mall and doing some shopping. I'll be the sharpest looking geophysicist at the American Geophysical Union Meeting in Hogtown next week, the one with the hot new jacket, shirt and limp. Well the limp is pretty much gone now. But I don't know when I can get back on the bike and eventually run again. The Milton Tri is still on the sheet for next weekend, and I really want to be able to compete as Cass is making this is first tri.

We also did some deck shopping. Chey's longboard got run over (fortunately she was OK) and ruined by some doofy woman driving through campus who didn't stop after knocking her over and running over her board. We hit the Boardshop after the Mall and got her a cool new deck, kind of a slightly longer than normal board (so not a longboard) but with longboard wheels and regular trucks. I gave it a little test and it is a sweet ride, I hope she enjoys it. Hopefully Cass will do some whittling on her old board, she may be able to shorten it and still ride it.

OK, I surfing over to FML to post something like:

Tomorrow was the day I was supposed to leave with my teammate for a race we trained for 11 months mostly in the dark and the snow so 1 week before I could cripple myself trying a shim in my bike shoe. FML.


ps: oh yeah, today we booked a cabin in Shawnee Park with a kitchen for race weekend 2010, who's in?


  1. There, there. When your three tendons come crawling back to you, be ready to welcome them with open arms.

  2. Awww that stinks Bob! A little retail therapy (and Haagen Dazs) goes a long way.

  3. Better now than in August - remember that! A little R&R and you'll be good. All that work we've done won't go to waste.

    This is Ann.

  4. Bob, man that sucks! But i know you will be back to awesome in no time!!