Saturday, May 23, 2009

DIY TTT: Stages II & III (Day 2)

DIY TTT: Stages II & III (Day 2)

Stage II (dualthon, 5/40/10 km)

It was cool and clear at dawn as race leader Ann Onymous led the field out for the 5 km run, blazing into T1 in 25 min. Race partner AT and her left for a fast 40 km, and AO led into T2 after 1:22 on the bike. She then hammered at 49 min hilly 10 km to solidify her lead. I slept through this but it sounded exciting. Being Race Director is cool as all your flunkies do all the work.

Stage II Results
1. Ann Onymous, London, ON 2:35

1. Ann Onymous, London, ON 3:08.30

Stage III (1.5/40/10 km)

I was awake and at the pool for final race instructions at the new and shiny UWO Aquatic Centre. I was happy to see that the entire field was still together, no one had dropped. At exactly 1518 or something like that the Race Harmonica sounded and the field left on the swim. No surprises here as AO continued her pool domination, swimming a beautifully paced 7.49/7.45/7.36 (23:10, 1.32.6 pace!) SC swim.

After a flying min transition she led the field out on the 40 km bike course and with the crowd frantic in concern, finally showed up not on a milk carton but in T2 in 1:35.24 , with a big smile on her face. Again, the RD apologizes for the "many red lights", "viscous Kona-esque winds" and "crappy bike support" issues AO mentioned. A big gulp of water and off she went out of T2.

The run for this leg is a challenge and hilly loop around the NW end of London, ending in the famous quad-smasher Col de Brescia. I question whether I will see any of the participant running in at the end of this Stage!

However, as the picture shows I was wrong and AO was race leader with a 52.10 run.

Stage III Results
1. Ann Onymous, London, ON 2:59.05

1. Ann Onymous, London, ON 5:56.35