Monday, June 28, 2010

iPad + Velcro: Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last

iPad + Velcro: Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last →

I remember seeing this video floating around the interwebs, months ago. It sure is a cool video, but it’s puzzling as to why Apple has suddenly taken to promoting it right on their iPad page.

Gotta love the “*do not attempt.” at the bottom.


Back in 30 min, going out for more velcro

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquake in Southern Ontario today! Felt it in London.

Holy smokes! I was in my office on the 3rd floor meeting with Frans and felt the P wave then the S wave, the water in the cooler was shaking! He asked if that was an earthquake (they are doing heavy renovation on our building, I thought this was the reno) and I mentioned how I'd been in several in Alaska and it was similar. Didn't realize how similar!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I was THIS close to gold

We had the opportunity to see an old friend who has just been through one of the most exciting times in her life. That’s us with Christine Nesbitt, gold medal winner in the 1000 m long track speed skating race at the Winter Olympics (plus getting our hats signed, I rocked that hat at Guelph yesterday!). I’ll never forget the moment:


Seems like yesterday! At 9 km into the run at Guelph yesterday I used the memory of that race to help drive myself into the finish line (my last km in the runs this year I going to hammer like Christine into that last inner!).

And like a true champion Nessie is starting the build for another World Championship in the 1000 for 2011! Thanks to KC for having us and all the best to the rest of the London Speed Skating Club.

Monday, June 14, 2010

How to Make an iPad and iPhone Walk Together

OK Pat, you wanted to be able to see this over and over here you go. Moi I prefer my inanimate objects to be stationary in my reference frame.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splash & Dash I Report

Snuggle E Bare would like to thank the group for a good time last
night. Jesse and the Amies way to stroke, you 3 were so smooth. And we
were all breathing so hard that last 20 min, n c'est pas? Can't wait
to see if it is harder next week. And to see Jesse's mustache. Will
make sure Mrs Sica is there again to chaperone/work the smoke machine.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

from the Emo Kid's Diary - II

..... so got to run in the pouring rain out, it was miserable but meant I didn't have to see many people, another problem with daytime, which is too abundant now. Found this old CD from a sixties guy named Sting or VanMorrison or something like that with sounds about Atlantis and Mellow Yellow and one cool one about a Hurdy Gurdy, man whatever that is it sounds painful, the track is like playing Dashboard Confessional backwards or whatever. That made the intervals sweeter trying to deal with that scene .....

..... so if we really do ride at 6am tomorrow I am so just going to stay up, like I'll be up to 4 anyway cause of all the lattes well whatever I have homework I'm supposed to do now but maybe not, i mean what is the point.

from the Emo Kid's Diary - I

"It's funny how things make sense when your lonely
It's funny how you want more when your happy"

which is why I avoid being happy, as it only leads to more pain. Hayden understood when he emoted those lines. Like today I got up early on too little sleep and too little caffeine and we swam 3000 depressing meters without talking. I used to hate the pool until I got a black full body suit, dark goggles and a black cap. It sucks cause you can't smoke but you can stare down at a black line that doesn't judge you. OK I'm going to eat some pop tarts, have a smoke and a gallon of coffee and deal with the miseries of life until my afternoon run, which I'm looking forward to as there may be severe thunderstorms for it, the possibility of being hailed on will get me through the day.