Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Okanagan Report - 8/17/11 - Frost-filled water/Richter/Lenticularclouds/Birds of Fire

Got in yesterday, all gear + Ms Patricia all made it fine, css came in under cover of darkness. Great deal on a car out of Kelowna, it has small holes about the side of a quarter on a cluster on the side but cheap. Barely shut/open my peepers and heading down to Osoyoos this AM to see how steep Ritcher has gotten. Big cup of joe and the country station was wailing cause it fits. But first a dip in the water with AO and Tone. Well second, the first matter concerned AO's directions, let's just say while I would seek her advice in many matters blackjack is not one of them, she would hit on an ace/king, know what I'm saying. Unit 21 NOT 22, sorry to wake you folks, this is the way I always dress in black neoprene and goggles and it has a real slimming affect got to run now and visit your neighbors. So swim/swim the water is so clear and cool here you feel like you are floating on top of it. Then on the bikes and up Richter and if you been doing your hills you have no worries. Got reminded about the mountains though; up Richter, no wind, big headwind on the backside, don't think I exceeded 60 klicks per hour on the descent then we did 8 of the 12 rollers and back up, so like 1100 m of climbing. Then the worse/best part, descending Richter. My shorts are in the wash now, but it is the best way known to do a bike check cause if it holds together it is fine. Celebrations/high fives followed hitting the stop light at the Husky station.

Coming home it was awesome, with Birds of Fire cranking, to wit:

And all over the black as John McLaughlin got it in high gear these lenticular clouds popped out everywhere (see photo). We don't typically see these in Ontario, as the best way to form them is to have rapidly moving air push over a mountain and cause a "rotor" on the lee side of the hill, like a big trough that lifts and drops air rapidly, so the (relatively) moist air that is lifted forms pancake/have you seen the saucers shaped clouds. So surf was definitely big, at least at 5000 m altitude. Another change in the weather in the last hour, cloud and very windy. This can happen on the bike anytime here, bang a headwind, so try to save some energy on the bike just in case.




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  1. Patricia Crelling SicaMon Aug 22, 11:06:00 AM EDT

    Glad your bikes are flying like birds up and down the mountainsides. The clouds around here are so different from Ontario clouds. I'm probably going to bump into things from looking up so much....