Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost go time at #imc11. Follow #2071 on Sunday. What to say when I’m on the run. Human? Robot? #DaftPunk

I leaked out my bike plan in my last post so before I go hide under a rock until start Sunday morning I’ll leave you with my run plan.

Human? Robot? The internal struggle, like Spock’s Vulcan versus Human dilemma. Human useless on run, robot good, just input energy and keep parts lubed for optimum performance. As human as possible (hopefully very little) for 30 km, but after that point if you see me it’s: ROCK, ROBOT, ROCK! Otherwise you are likely to only get a blank stare, particularly if all is going well.

Other than that disconnecting from the grid now until Monday, hope I got nothing but good news for you.

Happy trails (till we meet again),

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