Monday, June 21, 2010

I was THIS close to gold

We had the opportunity to see an old friend who has just been through one of the most exciting times in her life. That’s us with Christine Nesbitt, gold medal winner in the 1000 m long track speed skating race at the Winter Olympics (plus getting our hats signed, I rocked that hat at Guelph yesterday!). I’ll never forget the moment:


Seems like yesterday! At 9 km into the run at Guelph yesterday I used the memory of that race to help drive myself into the finish line (my last km in the runs this year I going to hammer like Christine into that last inner!).

And like a true champion Nessie is starting the build for another World Championship in the 1000 for 2011! Thanks to KC for having us and all the best to the rest of the London Speed Skating Club.

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