Wednesday, June 2, 2010

from the Emo Kid's Diary - II

..... so got to run in the pouring rain out, it was miserable but meant I didn't have to see many people, another problem with daytime, which is too abundant now. Found this old CD from a sixties guy named Sting or VanMorrison or something like that with sounds about Atlantis and Mellow Yellow and one cool one about a Hurdy Gurdy, man whatever that is it sounds painful, the track is like playing Dashboard Confessional backwards or whatever. That made the intervals sweeter trying to deal with that scene .....

..... so if we really do ride at 6am tomorrow I am so just going to stay up, like I'll be up to 4 anyway cause of all the lattes well whatever I have homework I'm supposed to do now but maybe not, i mean what is the point.

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