Wednesday, June 2, 2010

from the Emo Kid's Diary - I

"It's funny how things make sense when your lonely
It's funny how you want more when your happy"

which is why I avoid being happy, as it only leads to more pain. Hayden understood when he emoted those lines. Like today I got up early on too little sleep and too little caffeine and we swam 3000 depressing meters without talking. I used to hate the pool until I got a black full body suit, dark goggles and a black cap. It sucks cause you can't smoke but you can stare down at a black line that doesn't judge you. OK I'm going to eat some pop tarts, have a smoke and a gallon of coffee and deal with the miseries of life until my afternoon run, which I'm looking forward to as there may be severe thunderstorms for it, the possibility of being hailed on will get me through the day.

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