Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Getting Sibo-nized: Part 2

Getting Sibo-nized: Part 2

Sunday Sibo came by for Round 2 of the fit session. The main goal was to change my cleats (I switching pedals) that had the proper angles to accommodate my knee angles, and more important, stay in place, part of the lessons learn from said knee issues. While at this Sibo noticed some issues with my saddle. I was using the popular Profile Tristrkye saddle, which is know for it mega-padding on the nose end, as well as a copious cutout in the middle of the saddle (e.g. your boys will love me 100 km into Ironman). The padding makes it quite comfortable, but it appeared that this saddle was too wide for me, binding my legs. Previously I had used a Fizik Arione saddle (road version). We decided it would be more comfortable and functional to change back, which we did along with all the associated twiddling to get the angle right. First ride today was quite positive.

We also nailed things on my "road" bike (OK, its really a X-bike), which I look forward to trying this weekend. Changed up the saddle (as the Arione was on the road bike) and Sibo scored again, noticing that the seatpost I was using was catching on my legs, so we swapped that out as well. I also pulled my shortie aero bars off to pass them on to Cass, he has earned them racing this year. He did his tris down on the old Skool.

So why am I telling you this? Cause on my venerable Tristrkye I had mounted the last bits of a Xlabs bottle launcher (gave up rear bottle carriers) to which I attached a pump, CO2 cartridge, and bag with tube, patches, tire irons, etc. And that's where all the stuff stayed, mounted to my Tristrkye. As I went out with AO for a pre-dawn (by a few minutes) morning ride. I should have sensed something was up, like when I had the pot all set to go (without the top on, almost a flood). Or when we rolled out of town past about 10 OPP and City police cars (traffic blitz?; more on that later). We got about 2 hr into the ride when after crossing some tracks AO noticed her rear tire was flat. Now AO has a history of not sweating the details of such things as extra tubes, she rides with a big smile and a cell phone. And why should she when she rides with one of those clueless sorts who buys a $10,000 ultra lite bike and puts 10 lb of emergency equipment on it?


AO flatted I pulled up and she said I need: patch, pump, irons, slave labor, you wouldn't want little old me to fix that would ya' (just kidding she wouldn't give me the pleasure and in her defense she did NOT hold her hand up and demand my wheel as a neutral tire change). We both looked in horror at the back of my saddle, which was naked as a jay bird. Freak! The one time I leave the stuff home and you guessed it. Tone was in the middle of morning driving duty, but Pat kindly did sag-wagon duty. Gentleman I am, as soon as my heart rate dropped into Zone 1 I said good luck to Ann and got another 1:16 of riding (as well as peace and quiet, AO is a real chatterbox in the morning after 3.14159 oz of coffee, the other 2*3.14159 oz she has after riding).1

Oh yeah, so coming back into town more police cars, the Forensic unit, police RV, etc. Still haven't heard what is up, but sounds bad.

My God I'll be up to 10 at this rate and those 6am running intervals are going to hurt. And you are going to have to wait until tomorrow to see my "no radios" socks and Prepair's TOGETHER in color.


(BTW: RT @yuwanmei: A stream cannot run uphill, nor customers from our exceptional products or services! http://bit.ly/buyfishtime #FishTime, I am angling in for a franchise for rights to ALL eel products sold in southern Ontario. Invest now, America can not resist these good things.)

  1. sarcasm alert

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