Monday, July 20, 2009

How Can I Miss You if You Won't Go Away?

"How can I miss you if you won't go away"

Yup that famous country song that never got wrote by my long-ago office mate & friend Rod in AK. It probably had some more lyrics, but the part that was going to make him rich, the hook, was undeniable in its C&W essence.

So you've missed me, haven't you? I've missed me & you too, but I didn't really take a vacation from myself. I have been putting all my efforts into healing (see my ancient posts from way back), doing everything put sitting under a pyramid with dangling magnets (on back order, damn thing still hasn't made it here). And I am going to tempt fate and call myself "healed", or at least healed enough to know I can take some down time and get to the line at IMC without having to buy a size larger wetsuit. Here's a graph of the last couple weeks.

So I'm getting there, have a couple long rides and runs under my belt and my swimming, after a several week slump, is on the rebound. My bike ain't too bad (I mean it could get worse? How?) and I'm loving the Q-rings, will be definitely putting them on my road bike as well. Got cocky and rode my fixie back and forth to campus 2x today, damn I missed riding that bike more than everything during my "set back" as Coach Sheri calls it. Will do a post on that machine soon, she's a beauty. Can't sugar coat it though: my running sucks and I hope I get the flab down and some leg speed back. I've (or more accurately my knee's agent and road manager, AO has) held back from racing, so we will see what is what on August 1 at the Steelhead 70.3 in Benton Harbor, MI.

I have a REAL hard time writing at all, before email it was hell to get a line in the mail from me, as I hate actual writing (e.g. penmanship) and would consider taking up typing as a competitive sport if there was a club in my area (and it allowed Italian/Irish, you know how these snooty clubs are). So typing helps. Digression: when I was in Grade 5 they made me go to this special room in the grade school where I had to practice cursive writing with this brace that held my hand in this awkward position so I wouldn't, as lefties are prone to do, smudge things. It was the system that made me the burden to society (and Pat) I am today.

But the other thing that has helped get me going is getting in the Twitter loop. Unlike Fbook, which frankly I don't enjoy, I find Twitter a hoot. I originally peed all over the idea of ų-blogging but after actually blogging for awhile I started to grasp it. And unlike the staid Fbook, Twitter is completely unstable and volatile, we're talking Morey Amsterdam on steroids. I mean as I write this the most wonderful news source The Onion is claiming it has been sold to a Chinese fish parts consortium who are now using it for propaganda and fish part ads (for instance the current op-ed pieces are "Know Any Good State Secrets" and "American Children Like Me Are Lazy and Insolent and Must Try Harder" (hey, come to think of it there were 2 Chinese girls in my lane today and they were taking notes)). And the passion of my year, the Tour de France is fantastic with all the updates and insights (many from the riders themselves).

Try it gentle reader and if is too much at first let me know and I can walk you through the model, which is a bit unusual for non-computer types at first. And of course, don't forget to check out You can even see what I ate before swimming today, the joke being I saw that Lance Armstrong had almost an identical meal before a stage last week, and he posted a similar picture.

Tomorrow I hope to write about the awesome fit session II with Sibo yesterday, we did some more tweaking on my bike position and even a saddle change, I'm planning to give it a hard test ride with AO in the pre-dawn wasteland she calls mid-day.

Fact: I got back to writing quicker than NASA got back to the Moon (BTW Google Earth now has Google Moon integrated, way cool; if you don't have Google Earth why Santa Claus, why?).


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  1. i have missed your blogs, so glad you are back bob! i will check you out on twitter...i tend to forget that i actually have twitter set up, lol!