Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Be pRepaired

Be pRepaired

Warning: seriously ugly picture in this report, continue at your own peril.

Initial product report: Crocs pRepairs

There is a new ugly for the harrrrdddccorreee trainerw among us, which for this humble blog is most of us, eh? I just got as a (it about time its been 2 weeks now) birthday present the last pair of Croc pRepairs at the local Sportcheck. Croc claims they:
  • Enhances recovery after athletic activity.
  • Reduces peak pressure by up to 50%*.
  • Reduces peak muscular effort by up to 24.6%*.
  • Lower
    muscle exertions can provide an improved opportunity for blood flow and
    fatigue relief, creating greater recovery potential.
  • Promotes a natural motion of the foot.
  • Anti-bacterial/anti-fungal/odor-resistant Croslite Ag™ footbeds.
  • Footbed conforms creating a custom fit.
They are not kidding, I think it could be more like 50.003% and 24.629%, they are being conservative. I noticed it is already 2130 here and I am buzzing around the place like a beaver on Dexedrine despite being up for a 0600 hammerfest with AO. Of course the above is the good stuff, here is the reality:

Now I know there are readers of the fair sex who may have to take time to get their cool back, its OK, I could easily be a shin model. So get yourself a pair of pRepairs from wherever near you sells ugly shoes.

I sit here in my rockin' sox and Crocs attempting to heal my legs, which participated in a breakthrough run today. Getting a little run mojo back as AO and I did 2 of our best quality tempo runs of the season. I measure my run using an Annometer as opposed to a heart monitor or GPS watch. The Annometer is simple and accurate: you simply get it up in the morning, give it some coffee and its volume/frequency of complaining about the pace increases linearly with effort, so by the time one gets into "the Red Zone" the Annometer slows down and just starts cussin' at you.

It didn't help poor AO that 2 factors conspired against her today. First, due to my commitment to the success of and its many great fish and plastic products (track #FishTime on twitter) I greatly increased the pace by developing a new running style I call "Way of the Carp", or "fish-like running". Using gill breathing rather than lung breathing you can increase your VO2 max by 15.3381%. Furthermore, rapid dorsal fin & lateral fin like hand motions greatly increase your leg speed (7.31113%).

Second, perhaps due to the sharp window to the world offered by my morning cup of Yuanmei Eel Milk, when the Annometer nearly pinned off-scale 15 min into the 2nd tempo, I channeled Lou Gossett Jr. from An Officer and a Gentleman: "Girl can you handle it" "Girl I gots you papers, just sign 'em and quit" "You just a wash-out Zero". And it was all great fun.

Just a long swim tomorrow, then a BIG(ish) day Friday, yeah!!!!!!!


ps: I think we have found the secret "Easer Egg" in the design of the Shimano tri-shoe strap. Anybody besides me using 'em? We finally figured out how to keep them from rubbing on the crank.

ppss: slime tubes: put some WD-40 on the values and the slime won't make the value stick shut. Thanks for that one Paul!

pppsss: don't care what they say, I loved Thor's effort today! And Lance's.

p^4s^4: George Hincappe has a badly bruised collar bone from a fall today and has to ride the ITT with it, everyone send him some love, OK?


  1. Beware of the Crocs, Bob. I've had my straps repaired FOUR times which is a croc of youknowwhat.

    What's the shimano shoe secret? Rob whines about his greasy shoes all the time.

  2. PS. Where'd you get that picture of my Oma's legs?

  3. Here is a link to the shoe tip (cut and paste into browser):

    Apparently the 3 little tabs on the end of the straps are designed to be cut at the scored lines (very easy to cut) so you can shorten the straps to avoid the crank arm.

  4. re: Oma

    Thanks! I've seen the news reels from WWII and I know you must have been proud of the pictures of her and her great gams on the side of the bombers. I try to keep the temperature down in further posts.

  5. Drinking eel milk helps your gills grow, Bob.