Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sparrow Mail migration to another Mac: an update for v1.6.x

Jakub Fedyczak (see link below) had some tips in this area that weren’t available on the Sparrow Knowledge Base. What he says for 1.5 is correct, you have to move the plist and the App Support files. However (at least in the 1.6.x sandboxed app store version) you have to find these in the ~Library/Container subfolders.

The other trick is you have to install Sparrow, start it up and quit immediately. This will make the Application Support and Preferences folders in the Container with aliases to everything but the sparrow stuff. You drop your files in (“Sparrow” data folder in App Support, your plist file from Preference, you can leave the lock file in) and viola, it works.

Sparrow: you could have saved me several hours by posting this information (I did wait ~ 18 hrs for tech support).

This is not souring me on the product and until Monday it is on sale on the App Store, a nice coincidence as I hadn’t realized this. Before this time support had answered a request for product information. This is a small company and maybe it is not reasonable to expect support on a weekend.

If you have been curious about Sparrow I recommend you buy it (or use the trial version first, maybe this would have gone smoother if I had downloaded the trial from the App Store and not the vendor, I then upgraded from the App Store).

Sparrow Mail migration to another Mac: an update for v1.6.x

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