Sunday, October 3, 2010

by the time we got to Tavistock we wuz cold and waterlogged...

…. by the time we got to Tavistock we wuz cold and waterlogged

and everywhere was a puddle and saturation

and I dreamed I saw Fausto Coppi raise his top tube to the sky

turning into cowbells to rock the nation….. (lifted from Crosby, Vroomen, White and Young)

well the plan was 105 km to Waterloo for the XC meet, surprising the Boy in the process. The hierarchy I learned in Grade 9 English twas:

1. man against nature

2. man against man

3. man against himself

Well at least 1 and 3, as for the size of the group, see 3, so no 2. I left with the faint hope clause that there was a bit of a break in the steady rain that was falling to the east and I might be able to get into it and track it up to Waterloo. No dice. Plus got to Plover Mills Rd and the bridge was out. You could get a bike over, but I had to let Mrs. S know to avoid coming that way. Workin the phone with numb fingers was no easy feat. Got back on the bike and kept going. Every 10 min or so I would be sure the rain was starting to let up, but when I finally rendezvoused with the team car east of Harrington reality set in, and we meet up at Tavistock (see picture). So I got ⅔ the way there, and qualified under Rule 9 as a hardboy for today anyway. (BTW Ironla/RW the Plover Mills Elementary School is for sale. I tried to talk Mrs. S into this, what an awesome place to live, your own gym and plenty of rooms for stuff, huge bathrooms).

The race was awesome, the steady rain and cold made perfect XC conditions on the Columbia Lake fields behind the UW campus. The race was an open, and I can close to signing up, but am too wise a vet to want to get that skooled by the young guys who would have lapped me on the 4 lap course. Brock’s top runner was injured, so the boys had to HTFU to try to get their points.  No results yet, so I don’t know how they did, but they all suffered and no one took any easy step. Chris BigSocks and Cass had a rather spectacular finish:


The rest of the photo gallery shows the immediate post-race glow. Their next race is in K-town. Strange, Cass will be going to K-town but there will be no family ties there any more.

"Ob-la-di ob-la-da life goes on bra

La-la how the life goes on (Ha ha ha)”



ps: "ob-la-di ob-la-da” is purported to be Nigerian (the hell does that mean, “Nigerian", kinda like “buenos dias” is in Mexican?). I’m checking with my Nigerian source on this one.


  1. I was relieved when you abandoned the ride all the way to Waterloo idea. That was a cold, cold rain, and a cold, cold Bob!

  2. Go Brock Badgers. Im so proud of Cass and Cheyenne