Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lakeside Triathlon Weekend: Some pictures and some (little?) thoughts

Here’s a gallery of random 1 hand shots from the triathlon weekend at Lakeside. Nothing makes you appreciate the support people give you at the races then when you have to go watch instead of play! Thank goodness for a) having my bike to get around and b) having a cowbell. Cause any tri/bike/running/swimming/multisport race needs MORE COWBELL!

Saturday ride was a bit gritty, what with the cold, clouds, some rain and headwind coming back, only warmed by the racers givin’ it on the 5 km run. But today was much nicer with Sun and slightly warmer temperatures. Highlight for me was riding up/down the dirt on 25th line road and helping the cows. Amy and I ran into 2 herds of cows, separated from each other by a gulf of misunderstanding and fear. One group of cows cowered in a forest, next to a group of field cows out on in a field. We lectured them sternly about ending this foolishness and bringing the group together. After going up on the backside of the course and watching the racers at 17 km (where the work on the bike was starting to set in) we headed back down the road.

And the cows were now one, some tree cows in the field and vice versa. A moving experience.

Congrats to the racers, with some big shouts to Jesse (always smilin’), Salsa Nancy (still had energy to run), Cathy (who I now know in person), Mr Ed (check out his chi form in the pictures), the old Mule (who I’m betting rode 5 hrs after getting ready to tear up IMF), Andrew the Kid Can Run!, Amy Sprint P (and I still got my 80 km on Sunday) not to mention Pappa John and the entire Multisport group and the volunteers for putting together a well organized event.  And Jenn, what a clinic she put on in the run coming from way back to take 3rd in a dramatic sprint. 1st 2 woman > 40 take that you kids! And Amy thank’s for helping me "explore the space" with the backup harmony MORE cowbell ringing, as shown in this video of her practicing last night.


PO and don’t fear the reaper,

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  1. Why, you sweet bovine lover, you! It was a beautiful day for a race, wasn't it?