Saturday, May 22, 2010

TTT stage II

Rained like crazy overnight but dry skies for Stage II. We all kept it
real and had steady races with the only blemish being yours truly
having a brain cramp and swimming to the wrong buoy which cost us some
time. Prudence is the buzz word now, as we have to do another
international tri this aft and a half tomorrow. Amy is still chirping
us like a songbird, ahh to have all that youthful energy. Us old folks
are all lying down pretending to sleep trying to avoid moving until
1430 when we have to head down to the start. I just asked AO for any
thoughts but I think she and the Coach are actually asleep. Rest while
you can cause that's the Way of the Road!
Ps our team's new mantra is "no child left behind"

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