Thursday, May 20, 2010

Triple T weekend! That's right Bubs, it's The Way of The Road.

OK, finally packed and ready for HFP Racing's American Triple T triathlon, 4 tris in 3 days adding up to over an Ironman of fun and some brutally hilly bike courses and a beautiful run trail loop with a serious amount climbing. You can see the race details here:, and they may even post some results. Racing starts tomorrow (Fridays) afternoon. I'm looking forward to any new "chubby" jokes AO has prepared for the hills and I'm sure she'll have more fun than last year's solo DIY TTT she did when I managed to injury myself right before the race. I'll try to stay in touch over the weekend, bandwidth permitting. And unlike my past trips down there when they were only a handful of Canadians, this year there is a big group of fellow Team Sheri-ites on hand for the fun.

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