Monday, December 14, 2009


Up to swim in the hotel's 20 yd pool with the shallow end at 80 cm, so even I can't flip turn! Only the underwater pool lights were on, kind of surreal swim particularly with dark tint googles.

Exciting day continued with the CDN Schmooze Breakfast, great turn out, yummy food and best of all for geophysicists: free! Onto some interesting posters, if your interest in the science stuff check out the Purple Crow Lidar twitter page.

The Brew-Crew, Pat and I went down to the far end of Chinatown for awesome dim sum, the old skool kind in the big room with the carts coming by with food. Everything was to our tastes but the desserts, maybe not sweet enough by our standards? Nice day for walking. Got back for some more science, an interesting poster and the talk associated with the previous blog post.

On the way back to the hotel saw some awesome bikes, I love my fixed wheel bike and SF is a great town for ogling some sweet rides. Did see my first poser PUSHING a way too new looking Bianchi. No class man.

Brew Crew and us took it easy, went out to a pub for a nice meal, a brew and some good times. Sleep time, dig the electric lights on the buildings (at least I saw them like that).


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