Monday, December 14, 2009

SF Dec 13, 2009

Just some quick thoughts on Dec 13 cause now it is today and that was then is this is now, right? And I'm into the AGU meeting now...

Here are some photos from yesterday and some context....

am awesome run up the Embarcadero, so recon on the Escape Tri course. AO: the photo might be us in June! Water did not look bad at all, some people were swimming. Juiced the Fort Mason hill.

later am: Brunch at The Delancey Street Restaurant. Read about the foundation and what they do here. Inspiring. Awesome food and very reasonably priced. Mamma omelette apple smoked bacon, avacado, white cheddar yum!

Early pm: Hung out in Hayes Valley, sun finally came out, Bluebottle coffee (the best)

Late pm: junking in the Haight. Pat got a god-awful coat and I get a sweet bike jersey for only $10 (they offered Pat the seniors discount and she took it with no hesitation, I love this woman.

Dinner and drinks in Chinatown.

On to today!


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