Friday, August 14, 2009

Desert Running Attire

As an addendum to today's post I'd thought I'd show you proper desert running attire for mid-day, summer conditions. Note the savvy runner wears:
  1. a hat for warm, and to keep the head dry
  2. arm warmers (mid-zero)
  3. shirt
  4. wind vest (important to ward off the mid-day chill)
  5. shorts
  6. Rainlegs, a dutch invention, essentially waterproof knickers
  7. knee high socks
If I wasn't doing intervals I would of course dress warmer. Fortunately nobody knows me in this town, and I only saw one other kindred soul out running on the IMC course.



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  2. No.6 made Rob & I LOL. Leave it to the Dutch...and Bob.

  3. They even work on hoseback!

  4. definately not what i have to wear in our desert!! (unless it's December. then i may put on the arm warmers).