Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Week in Wisconsin and Back

I was bad at Rev 3 but Jilly was worse... a real Crampfest... Mirror Lake and Picture Rocks... Back home to the Party Grotto
Rev 3 - Moo
Mrs S and I headed out recently for a vacation trip which started with the Rev 3 - Wisconsin. Won't bore you with one of those too long race reports:
  • Who: me
  • What: a well run race
  • Where: 113.1 k of mostly hills, punctuated by torrential rain and a few technical descents. Hard to believe you could find a hillier course anywhere that was not in the mountains. The bike elevation gain was 920 m making this more climbing then TTT or a lap of IMLP. And some beautiful scenery, particularly around Devil's Lake. Hills the whole way on the run. A great course.
  • Why: wanted an AG place and got it.
  • How: the hard way. First out of T1, stayed upright on the bike but had perhaps my toughest run in 26 years of racing due to cramps.
But what was special about this race was a rare social decision, to enter the Rev 3 Worst Wetsuit contest. Don't take me lightly here. I don't have some old wetsuit with repairs. I have a 1987 ProMotion turquoise blue wetsuit with pink accents. I never saw another back in the day and I don't image another has been seen since Scott Molina last raced as a pro. So I thought perfect, whip out that puppy and win hands down. Until I met Jilly. And her worse wetsuit.

As my son would exclaim: "What are the odds!" So I lost a contest but gained a soulmate, a try kindred spirit who has done more IMs than moi (I believe she has done every IMmoo!).

Watch the contest here. It was no contest, Jilly and her custom ProMotion suit was the WORST!

On (not in) the Water
After the race we sis some kayaking in the Dells region, some urban trekking in Milwaukee, then home via the UP and the Tobermory ferry. Great weather and we avoided capsizing in Lake Superior.
2 cool things in particular.

1. Check out the effects on the rocks we saw kayaking in Mirror Lake. Never seen anything like this including being in conditions where, well everything was kinda like this.

Don’t have flash available? You can watch the video here:

2. Pictured Rocks in the UP is stunning. Check out some of these shots in this album.



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