Sunday, March 31, 2013

How many times should you shoot a dead coon?

So I’m on a ride today and I get to the Outskirts then the country and see an OPP cruiser pulled over and an officer getting out. In front of him in the middle of the road is a RoadKillCoon, so I think “OK, he’s going to remove him from the road", nod, and ride by. I get about 50 m up the road and hear a 44 roar and almost jump out of my shorts.

He capped the RoadKillCoon. I screamed “Thanks for the heads up!" and kept riding, made my way up the road a bit and turned, when, “POP" the 44 roared again.

He capped the RoadKillCoon. Twice. Now I wasn’t famous for my shooting skills in Alaska but I’m thinking if I really needed to shoot a RoadKillCoon from less than a meter away I would feel confident. Cocky really. But 2 shots?

Just sayin’, but if this had been a Mall heist scenario what would be the odds of hitting “nothing but net"?

The positive animal news: rolling out this AM still in the City right near my house 3 big whitetail deer ran with me up a semi-major street for a couple hundred meters, before they bounded back into some yards. Great escort.

Remember Calvin & Hobbes: “Be careful or be road kill!"

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