Sunday, August 5, 2012

How I spent my Sunday: Making Shoes

So not my normal weekend activity, but yesterday I made my pair P1 try at lightweight running shoes and today P2, which came out not too badly.


P2’s are made out of a smooth mountain bike tire and I used paracord for the lacing. P1 I went classic with the laces (yellow waxed hockey laces) and used a more gnarly treaded MTB tire. I intend to use those hiking when we’re out in BC mid month.

Wore the P1’s around town yesterday and took a short jog in the P2’s today. The only downside of using bike tires is they are a bit curved, which is not a problem when standing (and hugs the feet) but means when you walk around the occasionally sound like whoopee cushions. The P1’s aren’t real comfortable on smooth surfaces, but I think will hook up nicely on the BC desert sand.

Say what you will but current trendy minimalist shoes are $100 and mine cost < $1. So if anyone wants to do some cobbler-ing let me know! I'm going to keep me eye out and try to scrounge some other sole materials, something thin which lies flat.



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