Monday, December 26, 2011

A Very Sica Christmas 2011

We had an outstanding boring and uneventful Chirstmas which was about as laid-back as could be had. And I think we were all glad for it, as 2011 has been moving very quick for all of us.
So below you will see.
  1. Are uncontainable excitement about the celebration of Christmas Mass.
  2. Chey is SO excited about the mittens I got her for Christmas while we were in line at Zellers, but what the hell I wrapped them anyway. Pat hates this picture. Salah.
  3. Pat says she does not hate her new Venitian Bag!
  4. Chey got me a cool calculator watch, shown here with 55378008 on the display. Who knew Cass new a mathamatical formula to calculate this?
  5. Chey also got me a Pi Bag.
  6. Pat made a delicious family dinner.
Then we watched Nightmere on Christmas and had a beverage. Hope you all had a good a time as we did!

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