Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well Sky, if you’re going to be so pretty and warm and refract andreflect go ahead rain on me. #rainbow #MorningRide


Some background. Last Thursday AM looked outside leaving for a ride and saw some blue sky. Nice. Stepped outside, clipped in, pushed off and it started to rain. Oh well oh well I do dig sun showers so what the hell had a grateful day. So here it is Thursday again and rolled out and saw this beauty. Even with the phone camera you can even see the hint of the 2nd order rainbow. Would turn out a little further down the road I got the full montie and you could see both feet of the rainbow on the ground. Beauty. But of course right after I snapped this pix the sun stayed out and I spent the first 30 min riding in the rain with my cape on! Oh well oh well it was warm and just a little of God’s spit on me the rest of the morn. A very “useable” day, right AO!



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