Sunday, January 2, 2011

“It’s been hard doing anything…” My year starts tomorrow. I can see theWelcome to MonksVille Sign.

Magnolia Electric Company’s Jason Molina did the heavy stuff lifting, some thoughts from me in italics. 
Almost Was Good Enough (Once)
It’s been hard doing anythingwinter stuck around so longI kept trying anyhow and I’m still trying nowjust to keep working just to keep workingI remember when it didn’t use to be so hard (newsflash: 55 just ain’t the new 33, don’t believe the hype)this used to be impossible (no longer for sure)A new season has to beginI can feel it leaning in whispering “Nothing’s lonely now”Nothing anymore in pain (No Pain, maybe I’ll write that down for the bag at the turn around in OK Falls on the run. With my can of Red Bull) 
A tall shadow dressed how secrets always dresswhen they want everyone to know that they ‘re aroundleaning in whispering “my friend over theredon’t know what [s]he’s talking about” (and I will trust her wisdom on this one, in case you’re wondering) 
Did you really believethat everyone makes it out? (we are all not winners. never forget that)Almost no one makes it out (I say this over and over on those long ugly rides and every 30 s after 3 hr on the run)I’m going to use that street to hidefrom that human doubtto hide from what was shiningand has finally burned us out 
But if no one makes it outHow come you’re talking to one right nowfor once almost was good enough (for once in 2008, but that was long ago and its 2011 and there is still a very bad taste on my lips, that I’m hoping will keep me thirsty until I can drink at the well Aug 28).
So tomorrow my journey begins. I am completely detached from it at this point. Just one of my parallel universes that we all drift through. Nothing to see here people until at least June. Have to avoid my propensity for peaking too early with my AAA in August. But in the immortal words of DareDevil, “time to get off this pity kick and start using some muscle."


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