Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yesterday on the Ocean

What kind of better family time is talking hours of geology with Prof.
C. S. Sica explaining the melange of the Golden Gate Headlands, long
walks along the ocean and meeting the Milwaukee Brew Crew for dinner!
We had it all except for poor Cass who toils on papers at school.
Here's a few photos, a full album with some video (which I'll keep
updating for the trip) is here: The video near the end
of the sets coming in by the Sutto baths is cool.

Today promises more excitement and weird rocks (did you check out the
serpentine formations, we got to break the stuff apart and boy is it
brittle and slimy. And to think at one points parts of it were deep
within Earth's mantle! But I digress). So this morning we will
continue and see some pillow lavas at the Marin Highlands.


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