Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love stereotypes. What I mean is a love when a stereotype is a
stereotype because it is correct. I'm particularly stoked tonight as I
think I got just about all of 'em out of my system in less than 6 hrs
in Switzerland.

In no particularly order.

Saw a St. Bernard (no barrel around neck; oh year Amy P a beagle too.
Also Euro dogs, hanging out in malls/trains/etc, hey that's one too).
None of the dogs were smoking.

Saw a Swiss Army knife store.

Saw Swiss Balls in a furniture store.

My hotel has Lindt and Tolberone bars. And Ricola (only one I missed
today was the guys with the long horns cause...)

On the train connecting gates at the Airport they projected on the
tunnel walls at one point a short video that had both a hot "Swiss
Miss" in the hot "Swiss Miss" outfit smiling and waving, plus a cow
moo'ing in the background. Would have made Mrs. Sica homesick.

General Euro stereotype: walking back from dinner saw a student
protest about who knows what, with the riot police in full kit
following them. Why I don't know, they were politely writing their
slogans in chalk.

Everything by the train tracks was tagged in Zurich, many with the F
word (en anglais).

Ikea, MacDonalds, Burger King, Starbucks (had a lunch in Zurich, 2
close to the hotel here), H&M (well they are Swedish).

Asked directions in a Swatch store.



ps: torn between iPad or an 11" MBA? 15 min after getting off the
train in Bern I had 300 mb of 3G iPad data for $20 including a
microsim card. Try that with an Air!

ppss Chey, check out these Cons, an American icon how'd Switzerland
get all the leather/faux fur lined ones including the knee highs (see


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    the winter cons look sooooo cozy