Sunday, June 29, 2008

IM (partially) back to the real world

Sorry Yogi, but I have dropped the bear I have been carrying on my back for 4 years now. Pat and I have happily returned from the wilds of Coeur d'Alene Idaho, where I have veni, vidi, vici'ed Ironman Coeur d'Alene (at least as much as I'm going to vici it). My "thing" (in the parlance of the time... or some other time) for awhile now has been triathlons, which I have done on and off for 21 years now. I got back into the Ironman triathlon thing in 2004 and 5 IMs later I have finally achieved my goal: to beat my time from 1990 when I did IM Canada. We all have our peculiarities, right? So what I have mostly been doing is swimming, biking, running and drinking way to much coffee.

So what is next. For my tri friends, who understand, it is only the beginning of the race season so we don't quit now, right? There will be a big race in Muskoka, Ontario (Cottage Country) in early September, which will bring out all the best Ontario triathletes (for those from outside the area you might be surprised to know that Ontario is one of North Americas (and the worlds) keenest regions for triathlon), and we'll all be pumped for that. Then I plan on doing the World Championship Ironman triathlon in October in Kona, Hawaii.

Everything else: Pat (my wife) is putting her energy into her work testing and developing video games for BeanBag Software in London. The kids are both home from University, Cass (my son) is chillin' for now after working in a education program teaching kids outdoor skills and biology as part of his resume building to be become a teacher and Cheyenne (my daughter) is working too much at a research job in the Geology Department at Western during the week and her old job in Retail on the weekends. Take a break girl!

More on tri for sure and anything else exciting that might happen in the coming months (but don't hold your breath on that).


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  1. Congrats Bob,

    That's a very cool thing to have accomplished. I for one could never do anything like that!

    I can't believe that both your kids are in University! I remember about 10 years ago when they were just little tykes... of course that WAS ten years ago and I haven't seen them since :)

    Say hi to everyone!